Mens Retail Suits

We Sell Men’s Suits Too

Although we have been in the Formalwear business for over 20 years, we actually started out in Men’s Clothing in 1947 and have continued to carry a line of high quality men’s suits which are available either online or by coming in to our Mesa, AZ store. Since we don’t carry a large inventory of suits – we special order them according to your sizes – our prices are considerably lower than what you will find in a traditional men’s clothing store.   And they all carry a 100% 2-year-replacement guarantee.

All of our suits are made here in the United States of America by Hardwick Clothes.   Hardwick is the oldest, privately held men’s apparel manufacturer in America.   Woven into each garment is the rich heritage of a company and a time honored tradition for superior service, quality and distinctive style.   And because our sutis are “special ordered” – we order the pants and the coats separately – not only are they are guaranteed to fit, but you can order as many extra pairs of pants with each coat as you like.   An extra pair of pants will make the suit last twice as long since they always wear out first.