Arizona High School Band, Choir & Orchestra Directors:

We have found that high school music directors generally spend much more time and worry (and money) on uniforms than they would like. For that reason, many high schools in Arizona have chosen LeSueur’s to relieve them of that whole process. We have been in the business of outfitting high school bands, choirs and orchestras for over 20 years and have been able to virtually eliminate the director’s involvement while providing a superior quality product at zero cost to the schools. We call it our “Free Replacement Program”. If, after checking it out, you have questions about whether it works or not, feel free to contact some of your colleagues that have been using our program and see if every one of them are not 100% sold on it. Click here to get a complete list of our clients. This is not just a list of the ones who are happy with us…well actually it is, because we don’t have any unhappy clients…and many of them have been using our program for over 20 years.


Free Replacement Program

We provide superior quality tuxedos to your students at very reasonable rates.

All transactions are between the student (and his parents) and LeSueur’s Tuxedos. The school does not have to be involved with fitting, storing, cleaning, distributing, paying or being responsible for the tuxedos to be returned at the end of the year.

We make arrangements with you, the director, to come to your school and measure the boys during class on a day that is convenient for you. If you have boys in several different classes, we will come to each class to measure those boys.

We will provide you with a copy of a flyer giving all the information about the program that you can make available to each boy ahead of time so they can discuss with their parents which option they prefer. Click here to see a sample copy of the form.

The two available options are to either, (A) Purchase, or (B) Rent:


The purchase price of the tuxedo (coat and pants only) is $119.00 plus sales tax.

If the student outgrows his tuxedo, he may return it to be either altered or exchanged for one that fits anytime during his high school career, up until he graduates. A $10.00 cleaning/alteration fee will be charged for each exchange or alteration.

If the student chooses this option, he will be able to buy his tuxedo when he is a freshman, sophomore or junior and not worry about growing out of it. When he graduates, he will own a tuxedo.that fits him for use after high school.


The rental price for the tuxedo for the school year (coat and pants only) is $59.50.

If the student decides later in the year that he would like to purchase the tuxedo, he may do so by paying an additional $69.50 plus sales tax at any time prior to the last day of school.

All rentals must be guaranteed by a valid credit card.

All rented tuxedos must be either purchased or returned by the last day ofschool. A $5.00 per day late fee will be charged for all tuxedos not returned on time.


In addition to the tuxedo, we also have the following accessories available for purchase only:

White wing or laydown collar shirts – new $20.00 or used $15.00

Bow ties, any solid color – $3.00

Cummerbunds, any solid color – $7.00

Other styles and colors of shirts, ties, vests and cummerbunds are available on request.


The following items are also available for purchase:

Black formal shoes – new $35.00 or used $25.00

Zippered Garment Bags – $15.00

About two or three weeks after we have come to the school to measure all the boys, the tuxedos will be delivered to the school with each boy’s tuxedo labeled and hanging individually with his name.

Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card (VISA, MC or Discover).

Wondering what you are going to do with all your old tuxedos that the school has purchased in the past?

We will buy them from you!!! That’s right, we will buy your old tuxedos so can get started immediately with this revolutionary tuxedo program.

Don’t fret about tuxedos ever again!   Let us take care of everything while providing your students with a quality product, a professional look at a very reasonable price.   All the Mesa schools have been using this program for years as well as many others around the valley.   Feel free to contact us by phone (480-890-2924 ask for Keith) or email with any questions you might have.

Here is a list of directors that are currently using our “Free Replacement Program”

Dobson Band – Jon Gomez                           

Dobson Choir – Ron Carpenter                     Red Mountain Band – Vince Wedge

Dobson Orchestra – Rob Nichols                   Red Mountain Choir – Joseph Johnston

Mesa High Band – Robert Brooks                  Red Mountain Orchestra – John Haggard

Mesa High Choir – Connie Turley                 Skyline Orchestra – Gordon Andrus

Mesa High Orchestra – Karalee Hagan        Skyline Band – Jennifer Mcquade

Mt. View Band – Scott Burgoner                   Millennium Band – Adam Malik

Mt. View Choir – Mason Schreiber                Westwood Band – Steven Brazier

Mt. View Orchestra – Walt Temme                Westwood Choir – Justine Farenga

Mt. Pointe Band — Joshua Hartgrove            Westwood Orchestra –Matt Wright 

Sunrise Mountain Band – Chris Vail              Flagstaff Choir — Joe Little

Sunrise Mountain Orch – Jacob Boyd            Perry Choir — James Kirk

Mesquite Choir – Patricia Ubrig                   Perry Orchestra — Alex Zheng


If, for some reason, you are still not convinced that you want to switch over to our FREE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM, we can also sell tuxedos the traditional way.

Here again we have options:


Option A

You provide us all the sizes and we deliver the tuxedos, hanging and individually labeled with each boy’s name. Includes free delivery and free replacement if you need to exchange sizes within the first 30 days.

Price   Qty

$91.00 – 40+

$99.00 – 20 – 39

$119.00 – 1 – 19

Includes coat, pants, shirt, bow tie and cummerbund. Coat can be either peak or notch lapel. Shirts can be wing collar or laydown collar in white, ivory or black. Bow ties and cummerbunds available in any solid color. Other styles are available upon request.


Option B

Our representative will come to your school and measure your boys. We will deliver the tuxedos, hanging and individually labeled with each boy’s name. Includes free delivery and free replacements for the first 30 days. Proper fit guaranteed!


$125.00 – Minumum order of 5 tuxedos

Includes coat, pants, shirt bow tie and cummerbund. Coat can either be peak or notch lapel. Shirts can be wing collar or laydown collar in white, ivory or black. Bow ties and cummerbunds available in any solid color. Other styles are available upon request.